BagIt supports you by standardized longterm archives.

At a productions or film restorations end, files must be saved in a secure way for longterm purposes.

All data is saved compressed in a package on the destination drive and validated there afterwards, so you can be sure the archive is fully functional and you can delete your original files unconsidered.
Optional, further metadata can be written in a XML-file (METS-structure). All job informations will be longtime archived in the mamoryMedia system in realtime, fully searchable at any time.
  • BagIt defines a platform independent, hierarchic file structure.
  • Takes care of data consolidation to a storage device, you can hand out to your customers
  • XML-file (METS structure) can be written optional with extended metadata
  • Reference frames can be extracted automatically from single frame sequences at every Xth frame (saved outside of the Bag).
  • BagIt takes care of the package validation
  • Creates a package from predefined folder structure